Earn Free Bitcoin Faucet

The Need to Protect Bitcoin Faucet From Spammers

The original intent of creating Bitcoin faucet was to provide a means for new users to enjoy Bitcoin for free. Today this purpose has changed from helping new users to get started with Bitcoin into generating revenue using ads for the webmasters that operate them. Are you wondering how to Earn Free Bitcoin Faucet and can benefit you? Then find out more about the benefits of Free Bitcoin Faucet.

Though most faucets are built for revenue generating purpose they still serve their duty as entry points to the entire Bitcoin universe. Many people from around the world, especially where the average wages is around $1.5 per day, find a residual income stream in these faucets. They make an average income of around $0.11 daily.

While a lot of people commonly refer to faucet payouts as spam transactions which congest network traffic, some are of the opinion that there is no such thing as a spam transaction. If a faucet owner can pay enough fees to send their transactions through the network, though they can bee seen as very small, they are still valid transactions. A lot of people most often overlook some countries like Ukraine and Nigeria due to their “bad rep” online. But this can be seen as a great way to get people that truly need Bitcoin started with it. Because anyone that wants to use a faucet will definitely learn hoe to get a Bitcoin address,  Bitcoin wallet, how the transactions work and more stuff that many people are typically too lazy to learn. But in this case, they enjoy a great incentive to learn as they get paid for it”.

99Bitcoins designed a Bitcoin Faucet, a WordPress plugin which enables any WordPress site to start a faucet instantly on the web. More than 200 sites have embraced this and have started to run faucets since the introduction of the plugin a while ago, and the number increases daily.

Protecting your faucet from spammers

Owning a faucet is not the final work, once you own a faucet, you’re automatically waging a continuous battle against spammers, hackers, and bots that will always try to steal away your faucet’s Bitcoins. More often than not spammers will use a proxy or VPN to change their IP  so they can reclaim coins from your faucet without waiting for the timer to relapse. Bots are also used to visit sites, automatically claim the coins and leave you without any profit, because bots never click on ads. Finally, hackers could try to hack your faucet and do away the coins therein.

Fortunately, dedicated people in the Bitcoin community have also come up with different solutions to reduce these malicious attacks (it’s almost impossible to remove them entirely). The following ever-evolving methods were designed of different BitcoinTalk threads.

First, do not deposit more than the amount you can afford to lose. Secondly, ensure that you consistently block malicious users and IP addresses

Other additional security measures can be added to your faucets. Instance, you can ask users to answer a very simple math equation to filter out more bots. Again you may have to blacklist known scammer IP addresses and Bitcoins in your faucet’s dashboard.

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